Massive Core

Players: 2


age: 10+

On Aderstrom the world has turned to darkness. Powerful beings have learned to tap into the planet’s core, the only true energy source.  The once peaceful Aderstrom has become a world full of darkness torn apart by the violent struggle for dominance. Amid this darkness one beacon of hope has arisen. Thea, using the same power of the world’s core, fights to redeem her world from the chaos that now prevails.

In Massive Core, players use a leader deck representing a faction from Aderstrom.  The players create a “board” using locations cards and leader cards to create a 5 x 5 grid.  They then battle each other by playing characters, some revealed and some unrevealed, and blasts to do damage to their opponent’s forces and CoreTap.  If a player can do 24 damage to the opponent’s CoreTap, that player wins the game.

Massive Core is a free print and play game released with a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).  The game will be crowd-developed with quarterly releases of official content. Players interested in contributing to the game’s development can join the Massive Core forum and propose rule changes, cards, factions, add possible art for cards, design 3D components, or come up with story ideas.



Massive Core-Selection Flattened.jpg