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Mammoth is now on Kickstarter

Soaring Rhino's third game is now available on Kickstarter. In Mammoth players take on the role of mammoth herds by moving around the barren tundra and transforming the board from invading brambles and trees to beautiful flora and grasslands.  The game has both competitive and co-operative versions of play.

Players place octagon and square tiles to increase their flower patch or path. They can score maximum points by placing tiles efficiently to drop biocycle tokens.  The game ends when the last octagon tile is placed.  The winner is the player who gained the most points by successfully transforming the barren tundra.

In the co-op version of the game the players work together to accomplish a random color and path goal. The players play as scientists planning how they are going to guide their mammoths through the landscape. Players discuss what actions they want to take and then reveal the available actions for the turn. Players then choose their actions without discussion and then complete them in turn order. If the players succeed in accomplishing their goals and reach a required point total before the last octagon tile is placed, the scientists are successful and have transformed the bleak tundra into the vibrant Mammoth steppe.

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